We all love making the quilt tops.  It’s enjoyable picking out the pattern and fabric, even cutting out all those pieces just to sew them back together to create something truly unique and beautiful.  But wait! It’s not finished when the top is done.

You’ve heard it before,

“It’s not a quilt until it’s quilted.”

Now comes the fun part, putting it all together and bringing it to life.  That’s what you are doing.  You are taking a two-dimensional flat piece of fabric, and by adding batting and backing and some quilting, it becomes a three-dimensional textured piece of art that calls to be touched and loved.  I want to give you the confidence and skills to get those quilt tops you have made, or want to make, finished.  You can quilt them yourself!

I have been quilting for 20 years.  I have made a quilt of every size from mug rug to a king size quilt and have quilted them all on a domestic sewing machine.  I’m going to give you my tips and tricks to machine quilting that I have learned over the years, everything from supplies to design to quilting.  You’ll save time and money because you will want to quilt your own projects.  I am so excited for you!


Excerpt from my ebook “You Can Quilt, 20 Tips and Tricks to Machine Quilting”.