Skipping Stones Quilt Pattern & Lovey

These two adorable quilt patterns are reminiscent of skipping stones across the water. With two different color placement layouts (one for the larger quilt and one for the lovey), they each create a very eye-pleasing effect. 3 Sizes Included!  Great for a baby quilt, crib quilt or throw quilt.

* High Quality, Step-by-Step Instructions that include – Fabric Requirements, Cutting Instructions, Block Assembly, Quilt Assembly, and Diagrams.

Witten with easy to follow instructions with tips for beginners to confident quilters. 

* Finished Quilt Measurements –

Baby Quilt – 36″ x 42″

Crib Quilt – 42″ x 48″

Throw Quilt – 54″ x 54″

* Finished Lovey Quilt Measurement – 18″ x 24″

* Quilting Level – Easy – Beginner

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