Charming Creations: 10 Beautiful Charm Pack Quilt Patterns For Your Next Project

From easy designs to gorgeous color palettes, discover the perfect charm pack pattern for your next quilting project. With a range of stunning designs that cater to all skill levels, these patterns ensure a delightful experience for every quilter. Featured in baby quilts, table runners, Quilts of Valor and Christmas quilts, charm packs are wonderful little packages that are quite “charming” and hard to resist when you see them. Whether you’re a beginner quilter or an advanced quilter, it’s always fun to make a charm pack quilt!

What is a charm pack?

A charm pack is 42 pre-cut 5″ x 5″ squares that already coordinate together because they are from a specific collection by a fabric designer. They nice thing is they’ve made it easy picking out fabrics for a quilt and you get a sample of each fabric in the designer’s collection. An added bonus is they are already pre-cut for you!

10 Charm Pack Quilt Patterns

I’ve selected 10 charm pack quilt patterns that feature using a charm pack and/or accent fabric & background fabric. We have baby quilts, table runners, Quilts of Valor and Christmas quilts. So, in no particular order let’s see these fun charm pack quilt patterns ~

1. Sugarcoated Stars

Baby Quilt with Teddy Bear
The Sugarcoated Stars quilt pattern shown in Grace fabrics.

This sweet quilt pattern looks just like iced sugar cookies! Simply pick your charm pack, background fabric and accent fabric. The star center is perfect to show off some cute quilting motifs too. Read more on the stencils I used and how I quilted it here. The Sugarcoated Stars pattern has 5 sizes included – everything from newborn size to queen size.

2. Illuminate

Illuminate quilt pattern shown in Shoreline fabrics.

Inspired by the mesmerizing glow of a lighthouse guiding ships to shore, the charming Illuminate Quilt Pattern is perfect to feature charm packs or layer cakes, and with 4 sizes included it’s versatile enough to make a baby quilt, throw quilt, queen size or king size quilt. 

3. Holiday Diamonds

Holiday Diamonds Table Runner Pattern on wood table
Holiday Diamonds table runner pattern shown in Holiday Flourish charm pack.

A great table runner pattern! The Holiday Diamonds pattern uses just charm packs and is perfect for any holiday or season. Whether it’s for a Christmas table, kitchen table, picnic table or entryway table this is an easy pattern that gives beautiful results. The pattern has 3 sizes included: short, medium and long lengths.

4. Starlight Fields

Starlight Fields Quilt Pattern
Starlight Fields quilt pattern features Modern Farmhouse fabrics.

Stars abound in this beautiful quilt! For the Starlight Fields pattern simply pick your charm pack, background and feature fabrics. Perfect for a baby quilt, throw quilt, twin quilt, queen or king size quilt since there are 5 sizes included.

5. Christmas Eve Celebration

Christmas Eve Celebration Quilt Pattern
Christmas Eve Celebration quilt featuring Christmas Morning fabrics.

Featuring a striking design of stars circling a diamond medallion center, this quilt is perfect for Christmas days and all winter long! The Christmas Eve Celebration pattern starts with 1 charm pack, accent, border and background fabrics. The pattern has 5 sizes included and all sizes feature the center medallion and work their way out as they get larger.

6. Star Twizzle

Star Twizzle Table Runner Pattern
Star Twizzle table runner features American Gatherings fabrics.

Featuring stars, pinwheels and a stunning zigzag edge! The Star Twizzle table runner pattern starts with a charm pack and simply add your accent and background fabrics. The pattern has 2 sizes – short and long lengths and a bonus pillow pattern.

7. Stars & Stripes Celebration

Stars & Stripes Celebration quilt pattern
Stars & Stripes Celebration quilt is shown in American Gatherings fabrics.

Perfect for Patriotic days or any day, the Stars & Stripes Celebration quilt pattern has 4 sizes, including a Quilt of Valor size! ⭐️ Start with your charm pack and pick your accent, border and background fabrics.

8. Pinwheel Patch

Darling pinwheels spin in a garden patch of blocks. For the Pinwheel Patch quilt pattern pick your charm pack, accent and background fabric. There are 5 sizes included – everything from baby to king size.

9. Holiday Stars

Holiday Stars table runner pattern with Lantern
Holiday Stars table runner made with Holiday Flourish charm pack.

Perfect for any holiday or season! The Holiday Stars table runner pattern features inter-connected stars going down the center and a gorgeous zigzag edge. Simply pick your charm pack.

10. Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland quilt shown in Once Upon A Memory fabrics.

This beautiful quilt pattern features a wonderful assortment of flying pinwheels and stars that look like snowflakes! The Winter Wonderland pattern starts with 2 charm packs and your feature and background fabrics. Make this quilt in Christmas fabrics and use it all winter long or change it up and make it in Patriotic prints.

BONUS – 11. Pinwheel Parfait

Pinwheel Parfait Quilt Pattern
Pinwheel Parfait quilt pattern is shown in Cranberries & Cream fabrics.

Perfect for beginners! The Pinwheel Parfait quilt pattern uses charm packs, background fabric & accent fabric. A fast & fun charm pack quilt pattern that 4 sizes included: crib, throw, twin and queen size.

Ok, 1 More Bonus – 12. Starlight Gardens

Starlight Gardens Quilt Pattern hanging

Fast & fun for anyone! The Starlight Gardens quilt pattern is beginner friendly and perfect for a baby quilt to queen sized quilt since there’s 4 sizes included. Simply pick your charm pack, accent and background fabrics.

But what if I don’t have a charm pack?

That’s ok! If you don’t have a charm pack, simply cut your fabrics into 5″ x 5″ squares and make the number of charm squares needed for your pattern. This is also something you can do with fabric scraps you have leftover from other projects, you can make them into charm squares and save them in a bag or bin just for charm squares. Whenever you have enough, you can make something great with them!

I hope you feel inspired after seeing these charm pack quilt patterns and make something beautiful with the charm packs you have.

Enjoy quilting

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